Ere Lievonen


Susanna Borsch, recorders
Ned McGowan, flute/contrabass flute
Gijs Levelt, trumpet
Ere Lievonen, piano/harpsichord
Michaela Riener, voice

Hexnut is a contemporary band of five soloists created by Ned McGowan that mixes styles, sounds and playing techniques from contemporary classical, jazz, metal, improvisation, and cartoon music. While mostly composed, the pieces also exploit improvisation and theater.

One strong identifying mark of Hexnut is the creative use of their unique instrumentation, blending recorder, trumpet, contrabass flute, and piano with vocalist Michaela Riener. Prepared instruments and electronics are common, and the surprising textures possible with them, combined with intense communication and timing between the players, brings their repertoire to life in suspenseful, fresh, and virtuosic ways.

Hexnut blurs the line between band and new music ensemble and is at home on both classical and club stages. Bandleader Ned McGowan has contributed many pieces, such as the prize-winning Tools and other commissioned compositions, which form the basis of Hexnut’s sound: dramatic, virtuosic and theatrical. Further, arrangements have been made of classic works from various different styles, from avant-garde to metal, free jazz to rock, minimalism to experimentalism, and theater sport to object theater, all exploiting the talents of the individual players.

Since their debut in 2004, Hexnut has played to full halls in New York and throughout the Netherlands. In 2007 Hexnut released its debut CD on Karnatic Lab Records.

”brutal and humoristic” – Geneco

Hexnut in concert at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, May 2005

Hexnut’s first CD on Karnatic Lab Records!

Hexnut CD cover

A contemporary band of five soloists, Hexnut skirts the boundaries between classical, jazz, metal and improv. Fiery vocals, virtuoso performances and their unique instrumentation are explored with uncanny invention. It’s a new sound world both intricate and powerful. Hexnut can peel you a grape, scare your neighbors, or tell a tall tale of a prickly-tempered princess, all with a dark lively humor. A new vision of chamber music on an inspired debut disc.

1. Soul Burn – F. Thordendal & T. Haake
2. Peel Me A Grape – D. L. Frishberg
3.–11. Tools – Ned McGowan
12. Annabel – Ned McGowan
13. Wood Burn – Ned McGowan
14. What’s He Building – Tom Waits
15. The Exquisite Machinery Of Torture – F. Thordendal & T. Haake
16. The Flintstones – S. Libaek

Karnatic Lab Records KLR 013
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