Ere Lievonen

Occult Ensemble

Egbert Jan Louwerse, flutes
Matthijs Koene, panflute
Tobias Klein, bass clarinet
Ere Lievonen, (prepared) piano
Enric Monfort, percussion
Timuçin Şahin, electric guitar & artistic direction

Occult Ensemble is composer and jazz guitarist Timuçin Şahin’s ensemble for (composed) contemporary chamber music. The starting point for this rather unusual combination of instruments was Şahin’s piece Occult (for flute, panflute, bass clarinet, piano and percussion), which he composed in 2002. Subsequently, he found the combination of these instruments and these musicians so fascinating that he decided to go on with the group and compose more music for this setting.

All the members of Occult Ensemble have a strong background in performing contemporary classical and/or jazz music. The ensemble has given concerts in the Netherlands and Turkey, and played many compositions by Şahin, some of which also incorporate improvisational elements. Şahin conducts the ensemble himself, but often he also joins the group, playing improvisations on his electric guitar. Occult Ensemble has also played together with other improvising guest musicians, such as Kai Eckhardt (electric bass) and Mousse Pathé M’baye (percussion).

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